Banks As Casinos – So What Else is New?

So, do you like to gamble along with your cash? apparently, it’s miles an innate human feature to want to gamble, and accordingly we see billion dollar casinos in Las Vegas and in a few other parts of the arena. nicely, you realize you’re probable no longer the handiest one that loves to take a volatile wager or gamble with your money. however I ask you; what if you financial institution did that? What might you think about all of it then?there was an interesting article in the Wall road magazine these days titled; “Deutsche financial institution Doubles Down With a on line casino,” by way of Alexandra Berzon and A.D. Pruitt published in November of 2010. I clipped the thing out as it caught my eye, and make me smile. you see the bank had repossessed a casino belongings in Las Vegas and then observed extra investment greenbacks. Now it has determined to operate the casino in Las Vegas in preference to public sale the assets. that’s exciting isn’t it?Are you amazed? i am no longer inside the least, and permit me provide an explanation for my cynical humorousness here, to which you may absolute confidence agree. First, Las Vegas is at the rebound after catching a double whammy – the worldwide recession after which the Obama management condemning company gatherings in Las Vegas. Secondly, banks were playing all along. in any case, isn’t always that what passed off while the actual property bubble burst in the US and brought about a international financial disaster and recession? sure, it is, or at the least that became an awesome part of it all.A bank is a financial institution – and whilst banks soar out of that mildew and gets too complicated, well, exciting things appear – things which can reason masses of troubles down the road, and i would wager to say that once hybrid banking models gamble – horrific outcomes can arise. indeed, i’d submit to you that’s what took place in Wall road and other locations round the arena causing a intense disaster planet wide. Now then, i am hoping you will please take into account all this.